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Ulrich Gottwald

        Ulrich Gottwald was born in Munich in 1967. He has been enthusiastic about music from early childhood on. After playing the violin for many years he discoverd the flamenco guitar as his instrument at the age of seventeen. He got his first important impressions and guitar lessons from Klaus Mantel, Oldenburg. First contact to flamenco singers took place in the flamenco club in Weinheim. He learned important basics on accompanying flamenco dance in the flamenco school Renate Wagner in years of playing with Reiner Hawelka.
Visiting southern Spain – at jam sessions in Jerez taverns, in dance schools of Sevilla, at christenings and weddings of the Utrerian gypsies, Ulrich Gottwald became more familiar with the flamenco world. He took lessons from masters of flamenco guitar – among others Paco Serrano, Carlos Heredia, Miguel Angel Cortés and Eduardo Rebollar. Due to his dedication to accompanying dance and singing he has become a much asked for professional guitarist. 2000 he quits his work as physicist and concentrates totally on the flamenco guitar.

Selected work realized in recent years:

• CD production with Carmen Fernández: 2003 life recordings and 2005 »Naturá«
• Performances with José Galván 2009: Sala Turina, Teatro Salvador Távora, Peña Torres Macarena, Sevilla; Sala Compañia, XIII Festival de Jerez.
• Performances in Switzerland with Felipe Mato, Carmen Fernández and Manuel Romero »El Cotorro«, Bern and Zürich 2010.
• »Ritmos con Alma«, with Compañia Miguel Vargas at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh 2010, at XVI Bienal, Lope de Vega, Sevilla, at Teatro Municipal de Los Palacios and in Germany.
• »Nostalgias«, with Compañia Miguel Vargas at Sala Turina, Sevilla 2011.
• Performances with Miguel Vargas y Esperanza Fernández at Centro de la Merced, Cádiz.
• Recitales with Manuel Romero »El Cotorro«, at several peñas and festivals in Spain: El Dorado, Barcelona; Palmar de Troya; Peña Niño Ricardo, Sevilla; Festival de Pedrera; Peña Albaida de Aljarafe.
• CD production »Manuel Romero«, and its presentation at Teatro Municipal de Pedrera, 2012.
• Performances with Alberto Sellés and Manuel Romero 2011 and 2012: Arcos de la Frontera; Peña Torres Macarena, Lope de Vega, Teatro de la Alameda, Sevilla; XXXI Festival de Ubrique; XXX Festival de Brene.
• 2015 CD-Production with Carmen Fernández and Tom Auffarth »De Corazón«
• 2021 CD Production »Chinitas« for guitarrist Pedro Barragán

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