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Flamenco Dance

        Flamenco dance is the most powerful visual aspect of flamenco. Here with Flamenco3 – a project of guitarist Ulrich Gottwald »El Rizos« with singer Carmen Fernández and dancer Elena Vicini – means the concentration on the three basic elements of flamenco that enables intimacy and a lot of space for improvisation. The personalities can develop and interact in a lively communication.
Larger formations are also awailable.

Anyhow – high artistic level, honesty, passion and inspiration transform the stage and create magic moments.

Video impressions:

2012 Festival de Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Malaga – Siguiriya
Dance: Miguel Vargas
Singer: Antonio Luque »Canito«, David de los Santos and Jonathan Reyes
Guitar: Ulrich Gottwald »El Rizos«
Flute: Ignacio Guarrochena
Percussion: Jorge Perez

2011 Torres Macarena, Sevilla – Soleá
Dance: Alberto Sellés
Singer: Manuel Romero »El Cotorro«
Guitar: Ulrich Gottwald «El Rizos«
Percussion: Jeranys Perez and Tamara Lucio

2009 Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie, Berlin – Guajira
Dance: Cornelia »La Minera« and Irene Álvarez
Singer: Manuel Romero »El Cotorro« and José Ramirez
Guitar: Ulrich Gottwald »El Rizos«

2007 Flamenco3 - Haus der Künste, Berlin – Bulería
Dance: Elena Vicini
Singer: Carmen Fernández
Guitar: Ulrich Gottwald »El Rizos«

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